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Where I’m Going, Where I’ve Been…

(Speaking Engagements, Workshops and Courses) 

Just started compiling the list.  Why?  It may be useful for readers to remember where or when we met in person, where I’ve been asked to present, or where I have found resources. I’ll post upcoming events first and then trace the history as best I can.  I’m backtracking and will do my best to get them close to chronological order….but then time is a continuum, no? 

Coming up:

The Serious Play Conference provides a forum for visionary educators, chief learning officers and heads of training programs in health care, government and the military a chance to learn how to improve the effectiveness of their serious games programs.


After Serious Play  I leave LA for THE OZ TOUR which is beginning in New Zealand for a week of awesome sauce.  I’ll be joined by Marianne Malmstrom and Bron Stuckey and assorted and sundry Dwarves, Hobbits and Elves.  
Then its back to Sydney for the first event:
  • ISTE “Epic Leadership: Beyond the Hype of Gamification

  • 3DGameLab & G.A.M.E: “Playing it Safe

  • Gillispie, L., Haskell, C., Malmstrom, M., Sheehy, P., Miller, A., (November 2013) – The Future of Game-based Learning and Virtual Spaces. iNACOL. Orlando, Florida and Online.

  • Quest Boise 2013.  Online.

  • Yavapa College Summer Institute Wednesday Lunch Keynote: Peggy Sheehy

  • VWBPE Opening Keynote Watch Archive

  • Born This Way Foundation Task Force on youth meanness and cruelty

  •  Keynote presented at the 2010 Games in Education Symposium.  Saratoga Springs, NY.

  • Collier, A., Gillispie, L., Malmstrom, M., Sheehy P., and Stuckey, B. (2012 August).  Expanding the Conversation:  How does playing online games foster safety?  Panel discussion at the 2012 Games in Education Symposium.  Albany, NY.

  • Gillispie, L. and Sheehy, P. (2012, March).  An Epic Quest:  Applying the Principles of Games to Learning.  Workshop presented at the 2012 North Carolina Technology in Education Society Annual Conference.

  • Sheehy, P. and Gillispie, L. (2011, August).  WoWinSchool:  Classroom Cataclysm.  Presented at the 2011 Games in Education Symposium, Schenectady, NY.

  • Sheehy, P. and Gillispie, L. (2011, August).  WoW for Educators.  Workshop conducted at the 2011 Games in Education Symposium, Schenectady, NY.

  • Parsons, C., Sheehy, P., Gillispie, L. (2011, August).  Reflecting on Collective Cognitive Dissonance.  Panel at the 2011 Games in Education Symposium, Schenectady, NY.

  • Sheehy, P. and Gillispie, L.  (2011, June).  The Hero’s Journey.  Presentation at 2011 International Society for Technology in Education Annual Conference, Philadelphia, PA.
  • Gillispie, L. and Sheehy, P.  (2010, June).  Learning with the Lich King:  The Potential of World of Warcraft in the Classroom.  Workshop presented at the 2010 Games, Learning, and Society Conference – Educators Symposium, Madison, WI.
  • Gillispie, L. & Sheehy, P. (2010, March).  Learning With the Lich King 2.0.  Presented at the 2010 Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education Conference, Second Life.